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Argosy is one of Hillingdon’s leading theatre companies, our aim is to give people an the opportunity to learn and develop their theatrical skills. The company constantly strives to give everyone involved the chance to experience and perfect a particular skill, be it on stage performing or in one of the many production, backstage and technical roles.

ACT is Argosy’s section for young people to develop theatre skills in acting click here for information.

Argosy build all their own sets at a large workshop in Hillingdon. We are always keen to hear from people who might like to support us and join the workshop team. Click here to view our scenery workshop page.

So if you are interested in performing, set design, set building, chaperoning, costume design, hair and make-up, sound and lighting, we would love to hear from you and strongly believe you will feel at home as a member of Argosy.

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