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Scenery Workshop

Here at the workshop we are faced with a whole set of challenges when it comes to the construction of our scenery. Due to the limitations of the working space, the theatre will be the first time that all the pieces of set have been put together.

The constructors adapt to working style and demands of different set designers to interpret design drafts and sketches to make the design a reality.

Our scenery can range from large scale sets, right through to minimalist and more abstract designs to create a setting which is suited to the production and the director’s vision.

The workshop is fully equipped with various power tools and hand tools. All equipment is regularly checked and we have a health and safety policy in place.

At Argosy we build all our own sets at a shared workshop with three other drama societies on the site of Douay Martyers School, Ickenham. We are looking for new people to support us, and as we produce three shows each year, there is always plenty to do. The workshop is a relaxed atmosphere and a very good place to develop your DIY skills!

Throughout the year we run training sessions for our members to provide them with skills and knowledge about working with various tools and techniques for scenic construction. Some of our scenery constructors have 40 years experience in the theatrical arts, so have a wide range of knowledge to pass on.

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