Why Join Us?

Argosy is an all encompassing group, that embraces people from all walks of life and seeks to nurture their talent however hidden or naturally spontaneous it may be. Sure we have our spats and tiffs along the way, but they are nearly always born out of an overriding desire to do what is best for the family that is Argosy

Whilst we always strive to give the very best production possible for our audience we also try our best to find on new talent and encourage everyone’s little spark to become a flame. It’s no mean feat, bringing a team together, enabling people to find within themselves that creative impulse which enables them to develop and perform the character they become , and sharing the skills and talents that fuse together into a successful production – you can’t beat it. For some, Argosy may be an escape but it is also an academy where together we learn how better to live our lives.

It was over 70 years ago when a few brave souls decided to go it alone and form Argosy and it is that spirit which keeps us fresh and thriving today. So many groups fail to move forward and adapt to the ever-changing world in which we live and eventually become fossilised and die. Argosy is never afraid to try something new, never afraid to criticise itself, and likes to say “why not” rather than “why”. That’s probably the biggest reason why you should choose to join Argosy

At present the general membership consists of seventy people ranging in age from nine to ninety who hail from all walks of life. Not all members are fully active at any time, but such is the nature of the club that people do like to stay in touch with each other. The club is always pleased to welcome new members, and at present, particularly delighted to greet those people with skills in sound and lighting design. Annual membership fees are currently as shown below

Full Membership – Over 18’s £40 / £20 for under 18’s
Family offer – for every full paying under 18 the parent joins for free!!

Find a Friend scheme – £10 off your membership and the new Member!!

Fully paid up members are eligible to perform in any of the productions, subject to auditions. Although the club does not restrict auditions to those who are already paid up members, it does expect all successful ‘auditionees’ to pay a subscription if they have not already done so. Argosy ‘Friends’ are welcome to attend any of the club’s social events, but do not have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Subscriptions for all types of membership become due each year after the AGM, which is normally held in June.

The ‘Club Night’ is on Thursday evenings, at Ruislip Conservative Club, Ickenham Road, Ruislip where those rehearsing for the next show and other members have a drink and a quite chat. Rehearsals are often in progress in the same room – hence the need for attendees not to talk too loudly! (but they always do) The club’s second rehearsal night is usually on a Monday. Additional rehearsals for larger shows often take place on a Sunday as the show date approaches. The venues vary but are usually in the Ruislip / Ickenham area.

Argosy Players construct all their own sets, and a team of set builders and painters can always be found at our scenery workshop on a Sunday morning from 10 am until approximately 1 p.m. These tend to be quite social occasions and whatever your ability, jobs can be found for anyone wanting to join in. Occasionally these Sunday Morning are followed by curry lunch at a local restaurant.

The Annual General Meeting normany takes place during June/July, where Club members are encouraged to air their views. Main Committee members are elected at this time, along with a couple of smaller sub-committees, who are responsible for the organisation of social events and publicity. A new member can be elected on to any of these committees.

Members are kept in touch with events with email bulletins and a monthly newsletter plus other information posted on our website in our members only area.

If you fancy being part of the friendliest group around just contact us